Exploring The City

Know what’s happening around you with Cleartrip Local

Running out of things to do in your city? With Cleartrip Local, that’s a no-go. The online travel company has now launched a new portal that lists over 15,000 activities across 50+ cities, in an attempt to bring the ‘trip’ to the customer.

The main idea behind the campaign is that many people do not know all the activities a city provides despite living there says Shriram Iyer, NCD, Mullen Lintas. “We wanted to convey that there is a lot of choice every time someone wonders what’s happening in their city. That is also how we came up with our tagline, what’s happening, lot’s happening,” he adds.

The idea for the portal stemmed from a similar thought process says Cleartrip’s chief marketing officer Subramanya Sharma. “We asked the question, ‘can we trip without travelling?’ That question led to the introduction of Cleartrip Activities last year. We saw the success of that, and asked ourselves what other verticals can we look at for people to experience in the city. That’s how Local came to be,” he narrates.

The feedback for the ad has been positive. “The audience is loving the cool and quirky style of narrative that we have chosen for the ads,” says Sharma.

This was originally published on http://www.outlookbusiness.com/

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