A Potpourri Of Workouts

With a diverse network of gyms and studios, Fitpass is attempting to lure fitness freaks with its variety

Fitpass SE“We Indians prefer to have options,” starts off Akshay Verma, co-founder, Fitpass when asked about how the start-up was conceptualised. “Whenever we go to a restaurant, people love to order a thali. They like to try a lot of things,” he says. But when it comes to working out in India, there weren’t many options available. The lack of proper running tracks or parks coupled with poor air quality rules out training outdoors. Thus gyms were the popular choice to get fit, which again, were not devoid of challenges. “One workout doesn’t solve all needs; there has to a be a mix of a lot of workouts. For example, marathon runners need to hit the gym for strength training while they need CrossFit and yoga for flexibility,” says Verma.

This dearth of variety is exactly what Fitpass attempts to address. Founded by Akshay and Arushi Verma, one can use the start-up’s mobile app to schedule a workout from the 1,250+ gyms and fitness studios on its network for a monthly subscription of 999. It also offers a three-month subscription pass at 2,499. Additionally, it provides six products that are designed to achieve specific body goals; an example being six-pack abs. These products come with curated diet charts and workout plans, costing 499 per month and 999 for three months. The decision to stay from longer subscription plans was conscious says Arushi. “We don’t sell bi-annual and annual projects because people are bit commitment phobic here; that was the idea of creating Fitpass. Not at a lot of people want to pay it one go right up front,” she shares.

The start-up also earns through its online shop that the founders say, sells everything one would need to get fit. An exclusive portal for Fitpass users launched six weeks ago, Akshay claims that Fitshop, provides the cheapest prices available in the market. “Brands also benefit as every user in the our user base is relevant. They get a targeted and loyal audience,” he explains.

Even though the start-up is currently only in Delhi, it is planning to expand in other cities such as Bangalore and Mumbai in the near future. Furthermore, an update is also in the works which will enable the app will assimilate workout patterns and suggest personalised plans that are designed for one’s body and goals.

This was originally published on http://www.outlookbusiness.com/.

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