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Motormechs is banishing away those breakdown blues

motormechHaving your vehicle break down in the middle of the road can be a nightmare. But, Bangalore-based startup, Motormechs, can help you recover from it swiftly. Founded by Prem Menon, Unnikrishnan R and David Sangma, the start-up provides seamless roadside assistance to hassled drivers and motorists across Bangalore.

The start-up was born out of personal experience says Sangma. “The roadside assistance market is extremely unorganised. Even though insurance companies claim to provide roadside assistance, nothing happens in reality. That’s why we entered the sector,” he explains.

Customers can contact the company through their website, mobile app or by simply dialing the registered number whenever they need any assistance. Using their network of verified local mechanics, the start-up ensures that it will connect the customer to nearest service provider on their platform.The chosen service provider will reach the spot within 30 minutes from the time of request.Additionally, users can also connect to service centers whenever required.

A separate three-member team then tracks the entire transaction to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. “We started with more than hundred service providers, but after thorough quality check, we now operate with 37 active service providers,” says Menon who doubles up as CEO.

Along with other motor assistance services like refilling fuel and recharging batteries, it is also extending its services to the outskirts of the city. The price and time span of the services offered will however vary, depending upon the location of the user and his distance from the service provider.

The start-up charges a commission from the service providers and also offers subscription plans. Going forward, the founders expect subscription to form a bigger chunk of the revenue than commissions. After a favourable response in Bangalore, Motormechs plans to expand its services to Pune and Delhi by the end of this year.


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