Chennai 2 Singapore movie review: This Abbas Akhtar-Gokul film is a mindless entertainer

Chennai 2 Singapore is said to be a crazyology. And it stays true to its tag. A completely whacky and mindless film, the film’s sole purpose is to make the audience laugh and not to think. How else would you explain a story that documents the story of an aspiring filmmaker who travels to Singapore to make a film but ends up planning to rob a bank?

The best thing about Chennai 2 Singapore is that film stays true to its cause. The film doesn’t take itself seriously and it shows even when there are serious moments in the narrative. You know the punches are superficial, the blood is fake. Also, there is a more than ten-minute long sequence where one of the main characters has a gun in his derriere, literally. The minute you stop searching for reason, the film begins to be entertaining with multiple laughs, thanks to some of its eccentric characters. Some of the old jokes still bring a smile to your face, only because of the flippant way it is said. Like for example, when Harish beats up his producer for stealing his story, his future flashes before his eyes. I mean, literally, mime artists wearing t-shirts with future written on them stand on the tenterhooks in front of him. And when he continues to bash him up, his future doesn’t just run away, it runs away so fast that it trips and comes crashing down.

The film looks neat and uses Singapore’s locales well. But the main pillar for the film is Ghibran’s music. The man is on a roll with Aramm, Theeran Adhigaram Ondru, Mayavan and now, Chennai 2 Singapore. The album is already a hit. The background constantly keeps adding the fun element to the narrative; especially a piece, where Harish, Vanampadi and the villain share a boat to reach Emcee Jesz’s location. The music is vibrant, fresh and light-hearted, making the overall experience much better.

Rajesh as Vanampadi, as the eccentric cameraman friend is a hoot. His character is wackiness personified, that runs in with the theme of the movie. Emcee Jesz is another hilarious addition. The point is not all of their jokes work. But it feels like how it is in daily life when you have a conversation with your friends. Not all of your/their jokes work, but you move on after a moment of good-humoured mocking. The cheerful vibe isn’t lost. Chennai 2 Singapore as a movie gives the same effect. No logic, but definitely lots of laughter.

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