Kind of Gautham sir to apologise, but I don’t agree with all he has said. Will furnish proof soon: Karthick Naren on Naragasooran row

Hours after Gautham Vasudev Menon posted a note on Twitter, Karthick Naren has responded saying that he has proof about the funds received for Naragasooran. Speaking to, the young filmmaker said, “It was very kind of Gautham sir to apologise. We apologise as well if there has been any such thing from our side. But I don’t completely agree with what he has said.” He further said rather than accusing Gautham of anything, they just want to furnish facts of what happened. “I received personal calls from people whom he gave the money to. It was a friendly heads-up asking me to look into it and that is how we came to know about it. We have the documents and we will share the same in a couple of days,” said Karthick.

Karthick Naren also remarked that what Gautham said about Aravind Swami was a tad disappointing. “It is unfair. Aravind Swami sir has been extremely co-operative right from the beginning. He is one of the main reasons that the project got completed. In fact, he didn’t even get his advance when shooting began. He has done several favours for us, so we didn’t want to ask him for any more,” said Karthick.

Gautham, in his note, had written, “Aravind Swami who has refused to dub till his entire payment is made will dub once we do the needful and then it is only a release date issue as every other aspect of filmmaking and post-production is done.” Notably Aravind Swami had earlier tweeted, “Yes we all can grow a few things, a pair of eyes that sees what we do to others, a pair of ears to hear the truth, a conscience to tell us when we are wrong and a pair of whatever to accept our mistakes and apologise…instead we grow our list of commitments that we can’t keep.”

The controversy began when Karthick put out a tweet about misplaced trust and how it could ruin a filmmakers’ passion. While Karthick hadn’t taken Gautham’s name, there was immense speculation that the tweet was aimed at the latter. In response, Gautham had tweeted out a link of a short produced by an online portal with the following caption — “While some young filmmakers whine about their passion getting butchered instead of growing a pair, here’s a young team that makes an interesting short about girls,women, cricket, CSK and liberation.What a connect.So very nicely done!”. Karthick hit back with another tweet, saying “While everybody advised against it I had the pair to trust you & collaborate sir. In return we were treated like trash & made to invest on our own. I think its better to whine & confront instead of running away. Please don’t do this to any other young filmmaker sir. It hurts!.”

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