Rajinikanth is beyond stardom: 2.0 actor Sudhanshu Pandey

Sudhanshu Pandey stepped into Kollywood with Billa 2 and it is another sequel that is bringing the actor back to the industry. Sudhanshu is part of the much-talked-about 2.0, where he plays a negative character. “I am playing Danny Denzongpa’s son in 2.0, who is also a scientist carrying forward his legacy. I have tried to follow my own style and approach it in my own way,” the actor says.

Calling Shankar a perfectionist, Sudhanshu says that the ace director ensures that everything looks how he imagined it. “When I went for a look test in Chennai, Shankar sir was there for about six hours in his office supervising everything. While my look isn’t very unconventional, there are a lot of fine nuances that went into deciding the same,” says Sudhanshu.

While everyone in the industry is dying to work with Superstar Rajinikanth, Sudhanshu says he loved working with Thalaivar. “Everyone is dying to work with him, whereas I have lived to work with him. I had the best experience in my life. I truly consider him one of the best human beings I have ever met. I personally think it is unfair to consider him a star as he is beyond all that. He is much above stardom. It is unreal that someone of his stature is so humble and grounded,” says Sudhanshu.

The actor also reveals that he is a spiritual person as well and that helped him connect with the Superstar amid other things. “He was so kind that on the last day of my shoot, he gifted me a book with a sweet note inside. While giving it to me, he said Sudhanshu ‘I want you to have this book. This is the book that changed my life’. I was very humbled and overwhelmed when he gave me that book,” narrates the actor.

He further adds “That is the kind of person he is. It is very difficult to explain how or what exactly you can learn from him in one word.”

Talking about 2.0, shooting in 3D was in itself a challenge says Sudhanshu. “When you are shooting in 3D the whole film becomes challenging. And definitely, action sequences become more challenging as at the end of the day you will be watching it in 3D and everything has to be perfect,” he says.

The actor might have made his debut in Bollywood, but he calls Kollywood his industry. “I am in talks for a couple of projects in Tamil. More than Bollywood, I definitely want to do more Tamil films and hopefully Telugu as well,” he says. “It is purely due to the loyalty and passion they have for their art. I am in love with the Tamil industry and would love to work there as much as possible,” he says.

This was first originally published on https://indianexpress.com/. You can find it here.

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