Aneesh Chaganty’s Searching

How would our lives seem if we could see them on our screens — our lives through different ‘windows’ (pun intended). #AneeshChaganty’s #Searching is a brilliant idea, executed and performed to perfection. Chaganty has mined our digital lives — using Facebook, Tumblr, Gmail, Facetime, Messenger and what not to tell his story. And his story craftily moves from screen to screen — desktop, laptop, surveillance cameras etc. Watching a story said purely through digital conversations (text/voice/video) was incredibly interesting and engaging; also intimidating on a deeper level, to get another reminder as to how vulnerable our online avatars are and the massive digital footprint we leave behind. The idea just serves as a conduit to a tight screenplay (the term makes sense in more than one way in this case) that is incredibly well-thought out, with few minor creative liberties. #Searching is definitely the film to catch this week

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