Pride Month: Love Simon

I have been hearing about #LoveSimon for quite a while now and finally decided to watch it on a day where I needed a little pick me up. As the movie progressed, I was wondering as to why it was getting so much, love. It was a normal, high-school coming of age drama — just that the lead is homosexual.

After a while, I realised the fact that was the most standout element in the film — the fact that it was normal. And why shouldn’t it be? In our eagerness to accept and embrace, we forget that there is no ‘one size fits all’ concept for all homosexuals. The film quietly subverts a lot of stereotypes — about sartorial tastes, colour preferences, hobbies and so on. In fact, Simon asks quite a lovely question — ‘How do I dress gay?’ The emphasis was on Simon being Simon, not Simon being gay. He messes up like high-school drama protagonists do, but the reactions don’t change because he is gay.

Here some of the conversations that stood for me. Simon comes out to a friend, who just says okay. He asks her if she is surprised. She says no. He asks her if she knew. She again says no. And in return, she asks ‘do you want me to be surprised?’

Here is another lovely line. After a line of mishaps, another friend comes up to Simon and says, ‘I can handle you being gay but not being cruel.’ It was tough to understand Blue’s reluctance to reveal his identity, but that’s a minor grouse that did fairly well on several other counts.

Take out the homosexual angle and substitute with any secret that one can have and Love, Simon still works. There’s no difference and as Simon says in the end, they deserve a great love story as well. That’s probably the best takeaway we can get this #Pride month. #LGBTQ+

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