Capturing Peranbu, a Theni Eshwar interview

In Ram’s Taramani, single mother Althea is on a ship with her son and her boyfriend. As they cruise into the sparkling sea, the camera slowly zooms out, capturing the sprawling sea in all its magnificence; the passengers are mere spots. More than just being a picture of scenic beauty, the frame is indicative of the sea of challenges the unconventional ‘family’ has to cross. In the final frame of Lenin Bharathi’s poignant Merku Thodarchi Malai, the camera yet again takes the aerial view, this time to capture a man, who loses his dream. Once again, the frame isn’t just about visual elegance but rather about making us ponder about more. The man behind these frames is Theni Eshwar, who is currently in the spotlight for his mystical frames in the recently released Ram-directorial, Peranbu.

Read the full interview here:

Watch the conversation here:

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