Vidya Pradeep: The unconventional Nayagi

If you take a look at Vidya Pradeep’s body of work and attempted to describe it all with a single word, ‘unconventional’ would be it. The research scientist-turned-actor played a mother in her debut, Saivam. She followed this up with another unique choice in Pasanga 2, where she plays Munishkanth’s wife and a mother again. She turned lead with Kalari, but also played a grey character in Iravukku Ayiram Kangal. Surprising everyone, she also made her way to television, playing the lead in the Tamil soap, Nayagi. Such choices naturally raised questions. “There were several questions when I agreed to do Saivam. But I have approached the roles only as an artiste — what scope they provide me and what I can bring to that character. I didn’t really think of what would happen afterward.”

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