I feel we overrate love: Director Ranjit Jeyakodi

Ranjit Jeyakodi’s first film, Puriyatha Puthir, was anything but your average stereotypical love story, the darkness stemming from everything from its colour palette to its music. The title of his second, Ispade Raajavum Idhaya Raaniyum (IRIR), conjures up an image breezy romance, fuelled by the intimacy of the leads in its poster, and Harish Kalyan’s own chocolate boy image. But the film’s trailer was surprisingly intense and grim. He responds with a laugh when I ask him about his fascination with ‘dark romances’. “The idea isn’t to show the dark side of love. It is more about taking love seriously, to approach it with intimacy and depth,” he says, explaining that IRIR will be about relationships and their tribulations.

Read the full interview here:


Watch the conversation here:

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