Natpe Thunai review: Old wine in an old bottle

The opening song of Natpe Thunai begins with the lines, ‘Aathadi enna udambu’. The song from the 1994 film Sindhu Nathi Poo became famous recently after a television celebrity sang it on a comedy show. The Natpe Thunai version borrows only the first few lines from the original ‘dance’ number before turning into a song about friendship. Now, why would a song about friendship begin with the lines ‘Aathadi enna udambu, adi anganga pacha narambu’? To cash in on the buzz around it among youngsters, clearly. Even if we charitably forgive this, it does get a bit tiring when the entire film is structured this way.

Read the full review here:–hip-hop-aadhi-karu-pazhanippan-anagha-10876.html

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