I am here to earn money: Vijay Antony

Vijay Antony says that aspiring to become a music director was the first reckless decision he took — ‘muttalthanam‘ is the word he uses. The reason, he says, is that he hadn’t done the groundwork for it; he says he didn’t even know what was required. “College, school la kottadichu paatu paduven. With that, I thought I could become a music director. I decided to become a music director only at 23, with no formal training in a field in which there are people who train from childhood,” narrates Vijay, who reached Chennai to discover the arduous journey ahead of his goal. “Music isn’t just about instruments but also about the technology, about software. No matter how long I took, I just couldn’t understand.” Vijay believed that music wasn’t in his DNA, but perhaps it was, as he persisted on his dream. He started off as an assistant to a sound engineer. “I was naive, and had just the drive to do something,” he says. Slowly, he figured he didn’t really have to ‘know music’ to become a music director. “Our moms don’t study cooking, but they make good food. Similarly, I tried to learn what you need to direct music. I didn’t need to know to play instruments — I hired talented people.” 

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Watch the conversation here:

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