Magamuni Movie Review: A slow-burning thriller whose parts are greater than its sum

Magamuni’s screenplay is structured like a jigsaw puzzle, as most thrillers are wont to be. However, Shanthakumar, who has written and directed the film, is in no hurry to give us all the pieces immediately. One of the film’s defining factors is its unhurried pace. However, though Magamuni takes its time to spin the web around its characters, the screenplay and the setting maintain the intensity. We first see Maga (Arya), a taxi driver who is struggling to make ends meet. But is he? After a while, the film cuts to Muni (also Arya), who seems to be the antithesis of Maga. But are they different people? Or is it just the same person at different times?

Read the full review here:–a-slow-burner-where-parts-are-more-than-its-sum-14108.html

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