Ms Representation: Equal isn’t the same as identical

Nefelibata. It’s a new word I stumbled upon recently. The Urban Dictionary explains it to mean a ‘cloud walker’ i.e. ‘one who lives in the clouds of their imagination’. It would be a good word to define the young Gunjan Saxena, who aspires to be one, quite literally. After catching a glimpse of the vast blue expanse with tufts of white on a commercial flight, young Gunju decides that the skies are her place. Wearing a pair of goggles to ‘protect her eyesight’, Gunjan confidently proclaims that she will become a pilot. However, her excited face crumbles when her brother mocks her: ‘Girls can’t be pilots.‘ Enter Gunjan’s father Anup Saxena (an effective Pankaj Tripathi), who admonishes his son: “Which buffoon taught you that?”.

Read the full column here:

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