Aadai DoP Vijay Kartik Kannan: Cinematography is like a sine wave

Aadai might have opened the Pandora’s box of debates but it received unanimous appreciation for its top-notch cinematography that embodied the ‘dignified gaze’. In an industry notorious for objectification, this film is unique in how it showed a woman’s nudity in a respectful light. Ask Vijay Kartik Kannan, the cinematographer, and he says with an honest smile that it was a team effort. Here, he talks about Aadai, his third film after Sindhubaadh and Iravakaalam, about the need to maintain rapport with the director and how big a part budget plays in cinematography…

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Aadai Movie Review: A rebel without a cause

Aadai begins by narrating the story of Nangeli — a woman from an oppressed community who protested against Breast Tax, a sickening practice of asking women from the oppressed communities to pay if they wanted to cover their breasts. In a brief animated sequence, Aadai shows Nangeli’s rebellion and about how she cut off her breasts in protest and eventually died fighting against the practice. The sequence ends by saying that all the rights we enjoy have a blood-stained history. One would think, with a title like Aadai and such an empathic start that the film would address the intricate, layered politics behind clothing. We could not be more wrong.

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Sriranjani: House Owner felt like my first film

When I first asked Sriranjani for an interview, she told me she is a tad nervous of media interactions. So when we settled down for an interaction, I was pleasantly surprised by her uninhibited vibrance. The actor, known for playing the mother in so many films, recently made heads turn with her stellar performance in House Owner. But she is quick to credit director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan. “The role and the story demanded that I be natural, just like we are at home. That was tough for me. There is a notion that ‘acting’ means being expressive. But none of that applied here,” she says. Her goal, she adds, was to understand what the director wanted and deliver it. “Lakshmy is brutally honest about what she feels — it is something that I love and hate about her because I can never be like that.”

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