Ms Representation: The grey shades of love

Valentine’s Day is just over, and love is still in the air. For Tamil cinema, that means bringing back the romance on-screen. And this is one genre that cannot exist without its women. As a female Tamil actor recently observed, women do not get meaty roles unless it is a romcom or a romantic drama. It might be a reflection of the limited roles and spaces we want to see women in, especially on-screen; nevertheless, the genre is crucial when speaking about women’s portrayal. Sure, it has its pitfalls. But, this genre has given us some terrific women characters and has done so more consistently than others. That said, as with every genre, romance also has its share of stereotypes. Kutty Story — the love anthology from Gautham Vasudev Menon, Nalan Kumarasamy, Venkat Prabhu, and Vijay — attempts to break a few of these.

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Devi 2 Movie Review: When familiarity doesn’t fail, almost

In recent times, Kollywood’s track record with sequels is… questionable. The trend peaked last year with around eight films hitting the screen, and several others being announced. This year has already seen the release of five films. These ventures, with a rare exception or two, have turned out to be disappointments. Either, the sequel is a reshuffled version of the original or they are ‘spiritual sequels’ — films that don’t have a tangible connection to the original, at least in terms of the story. With the latter, the name is used to merely cash in on the familiarity and popularity.  Devi 2, a sequel to the 2016 horror comedy, is one of the rare films that is a proper sequel, which also maintains the tone of the first part.

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I don’t just make safe films: Director Vijay

At a time when most filmmakers struggle to get their work to the big screen, Vijay is one director who has been bringing out films in quick succession. In the last 24 months, he has released four films, with one more set to hit the screens soon — all belonging to different genres. This consistency, he says, comes from good planning. “I don’t shoot and edit. I edit as I shoot. I thoroughly plan my process and that saves a lot of time,” he explains. The diversity, on the other hand, comes from the need to experiment. For example, Watchman came from the desire to make a thriller. In a chat, the Madrasapattinam director talks about his choices, his equation with success and failure, and also his next biggie, the Jayalalithaa biopic, Thalaivi, starring Kangana Ranaut.

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Watchman Review: GV Prakash surprises in a film that doesn’t try to

Middling films are always the toughest to write about. You can’t go all out with blazing guns because, well, it isn’t that kind of a film. It also isn’t the kind of film that you can shower praises on. No, Watchman is the kind of film that makes you feel vaguely happy about its snappy runtime. The kind which holds the viewer up at the gate — neither letting them completely in nor leaving them stranded on the streets.

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AL Vijay: Diya is not an anti-abortion film

It has been less than a week since Diya (Kanam in Telugu) released and director AL Vijay is a busy and happy man. The Sai Pallavi starrer might have opened to mixed reviews but Vijay is content. “I am very happy majority of the people liked it. I have been getting only that,” he said. Known for his heart-tugging tales, Diya was no different from AL Vijay’s earlier films in terms of the emotional quotient. The film documents a tale of the ghost of an aborted foetus coming back for revenge. With a sensitive core, the film left the audience with several questions in mind. In a conversation with, AL Vijay answered all questions about Diya and his upcoming films as well. Continue reading “AL Vijay: Diya is not an anti-abortion film”

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