Anantham review: Imperfect but heartfelt stories about acceptance

‘If only these walls could talk’

It’s a common phrase, often used to speak of unknown stories. In Priya V’s series Anantham, they do. Well, not literally, but in spirit. Anantham is about the eponymously named house, and the various people and their families who have inhabited it over five decades. It’s a bouquet of stories — a mosaic of emotions. There’s a bit of everything — grief, loss, love, romance, fear, discovery, anger, etc. For some, the house heaps fortunes. And for others, disasters. Its inhabitants are mostly people who society raises their eyebrows at — blind people, unemployed debtors, three single women living together, a gay couple… But the cornerstone of Anantham is acceptance.

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Kallachirippu review: This Karthik Subbaraj production is a kickass entertainer

Watching a good piece of work leaves me in a strange conundrum — on one hand, there is the excitement of discussing, dissecting and raving about the tiny details and on the other hand is the desire to let the person get that pleasure first-hand by letting them watch first. Kallachirippu is one of those — making it a hard series to review but an absolute pleasure to watch. Continue reading “Kallachirippu review: This Karthik Subbaraj production is a kickass entertainer”

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