Silukkuvarpatti Singam Review: Another ‘fun’ film that isn’t fun

There are several tags that Kollywood uses to classify its films. The most exasperating of the lot has to be, ‘a fun, family entertainer’; especially when most of the films that come with this tag are neither fun, nor entertaining. Vishnu Vishal’s Silukkuvarpatti Singam is the latest to join this illustrious list of comedies that attempt to operate on the Sundar C formula from his Ullathai Allitha days — some mindless attempts at humour with a chaotic climax. This template has been refurbished so many times that Sundar C himself should considering putting it to rest (given it still brings us films like Kalakalappu 2). And yet, we continue to get films with different characters that revolve around the same-old structure. Continue reading “Silukkuvarpatti Singam Review: Another ‘fun’ film that isn’t fun”

Films are too hero-centric these days: Anandaraj

Anandaraj is one of those unique artistes who effortlessly fits into any role. Not too many actors can lay claim to being able to make us recoil in fear and also get us laughing till our stomachs hurt. He’s an actor who’s shown much variety. In his latest, Kalavani Mappillai, he plays Devayani’s husband. Remember that this was the very actor who played villain in Devayani-Sarathkumar’s Suryavamsam. “I do miss playing villain roles but I am glad I get more options now,” he says. Excerpts from a conversation: Continue reading “Films are too hero-centric these days: Anandaraj”

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