Jayasuriya’s Njaan Marykutty

A conversation I had with a friend several years back changed how I saw trans women who asked for money on the streets. He said there was warranted authority in the way they asked for money, as if they were saying ‘I am on the streets because you all refused to accept me for who I am. Now cough up’. The conversation stayed with me — while there was sympathy before, now I felt responsible. And when #NjanMarykutty asks the same question, it brought back some of the painful stories I’ve heard during some of my interactions with transwomen for work.

Njan Marykutty, for me, was similar to #Aramm last year. It’s not a well-made film but it asks questions, several right ones amid a few unnecessary transgressions. #Jayasuriya’s astounding performance makes up for the abrupt editing, the perfunctory staging and the overreaching music. It also makes you want to forgive the film for making a wonder woman out of Marykutty. (She gets to be RJ Angel for Vision FM — an angel backed by a vision.) She is still amazing even if she didn’t posses so many talents. Maybe, that was the director’s way of bringing us on to Mary’s side.

There are moments which make you extremely uncomfortable, even more so as a woman. Everytime she is touched without her consent, everytime she is asked to look down, I curled up in my seat with discomfort. But the credit for that squarely goes to #Jayasuriya. Marykutty’s stoically proud face bears the doggedness of a fighter. How #Marykutty reacts when someone apologises to her for the first time, when she gets her first letter and how she reacts when her dad accepts — such moments stand out but I still ended up walking out, thinking of what more Marykutty could have made us realise, had she found a better director.

Music director Ghibran: Vishwaroopam 2 would be a complete cinematic experience

Music director Ghibran seems to be on a roll. With four films in two months, the young music composer’s discography is of great variety and they have all been received well. With Magalir Mattum, Aramm and the recently released Theeran Adhigaram Ondru earning rave reviews, we catch up with Ghibran to talk about his music and future project Vishwaroopam 2. Continue reading “Music director Ghibran: Vishwaroopam 2 would be a complete cinematic experience”

Nayanthara is an extremely versatile actor: Aramm Cinematographer Om Prakash

A child falls into a borewell. The entire village population, including the officials and the collector are waiting to verify if the girl is alive inside the 30ft well. As the small CCTV camera is lowered down, we wait in anticipation. After a few minutes, in a horrifying frame, the drained face of the small kid is seen. It’s tough to not be disturbed by the visuals in the Nayanthara starrer Aramm and Om Prakash is the man behind the hard-hitting visuals from the film. The scene in question was shot using equipment that would give the same feel as a rudimentary CCTV says Om Prakash. “The rescue ops will not have a camera that is very good. The picture or the lighting can’t be extremely good. We made sure that the lighting was also equally crude,” said Om Prakash who is also known for Vaagai Sooda Vaa, another hard-hitting rural drama. Continue reading “Nayanthara is an extremely versatile actor: Aramm Cinematographer Om Prakash”

Aramm’s story is not related to the Kaththi controversy: Director Gopi Nainar

Director Gopi Nainar is making his debut with the much awaited Aramm this week. But however, he first stepped into the spotlight during the controversy around Vijay’s Kaththi. “Aramm’s script or story has nothing to do with that,” clarifies Gopi Nainar as we begin talking about the Nayanthara starrer. “I had approached several producers and companies after writing the script. Many of them felt it won’t be commercially viable,” divulges Gopi. It was during such meets that he met Rajesh, who is the producer of Aramm. “He was the one who made me meet Nayanthara,” says Gopi. “After listening to the story, she supported the script and she would act in it. This film is an opportunity given by Nayanthara.” Continue reading “Aramm’s story is not related to the Kaththi controversy: Director Gopi Nainar”

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