Fifty shades of khaki

Moondru Mugam, Kaaki Sattai, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, Pokkiri, Mankatha, Saamy, Kaakha Kaakha, Singham, Siruthai, Thani Oruvan… You can see where I’m going with this. They are all cop films, yes. They are all blockbusters, yes. Most interestingly, they are all films that boosted star appeal. It’s probably why several of our stars don the khaki with as much eagerness. Vijay did it again with Theri, Ajith with Yennai Arindhal, and this week, Vikram is now putting it to test with Saamy Square. What is it about the force that so fascinates our heroes? Is it the legitimacy the force provides to their actions? Is it perhaps the saviour, do-gooder image? Or is it just plain old commercial success? Continue reading “Fifty shades of khaki”

TFPC strike explained: Why Tamil film producers are refusing to back down

In a worrying phase, the Tamil film industry is moving towards a standstill. A complete shutdown has been announced by the Producers Council whereas the theatres have announced a different strike. What is the fight and why is the producer council refusing to back down? From the four industries why has the fight trickled down to the Tamil industry? What significance does the theatre owners’ strike have? In conversation with the producer, distributor, national award-winning writer and author of The Art and Business of Cinema (ABC), G Dhananjayan breaks down the different narratives of the story. Continue reading “TFPC strike explained: Why Tamil film producers are refusing to back down”

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