Kalakalapu 2 actor Jiiva: I am not part of the race, not here for the fame

In January 2003, Jiiva’s first movie Aasai Aasaiyai released. Several hits and flops later, Jiiva is quite content with the space he has created for himself. “The stories I do have changed, but my smile hasn’t,” quips the handsome actor. You do have to agree that his films did change. After giving us stellar performances in films like Ram’s Kattradhu Tamil or Raam, the actor has predominantly stuck to different versions of the commercial fare in recent times. “We got the Kattradhu Tamizh’s box back on the tenth day. How do we survive then? We didn’t have the medium back then. Had it released today, the reception would have been completely different,” says Jiiva. He jokes that such films were the perfect examples of the old joke, ‘operation Success, patient died’. “It is easy to ask why I am not doing films like Raam. But they weren’t making collections. There are different kinds of audience, there is an audience for satellite. I figured there is a big disbalance. In fact, I have said that my films are bigger hits on television more than theaters,” says Jiiva with a laugh. Continue reading “Kalakalapu 2 actor Jiiva: I am not part of the race, not here for the fame”

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