The 2020 jukebox: Strains of a pandemic

We take stock of the music scene in Tamil cinema, this year: the trends, highs, lows, and how the industry survived a pandemic

Taylor Swift once said that while people have not always been there for her, music always has been. If there’s any one year in which this quote assumes special relevance, it has to be this year. A lonely year of forced isolation and uncertainty—not just for the future, but for human touch and connection—2020, to put it mildly, has been tough on everyone. It’s a year that reiterated the significance of artists and creators, whose professions seem to be thought dispensable. Holed up in our homes, almost all of us found solace in music, much more than we have been used to. The melodies and lyrics filled up the void for emotional connection we all longed for.

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Soorarai Pottru movie review: Suriya and Sudha Kongara steer a winning flight

There is a famous quote that time is priceless. But in our world, time is frequently bought. For example, for a regular person, a trip to Mumbai takes roughly a day by train. But for the wealthy, it takes less than two hours. Why is the time of a wealthy person inherently more valuable? Who decides that the time of the not-so-rich isn’t worthy enough? These are the questions behind Nedumaaran Rajangam’s dream of creating a low-cost airline. “Vaanam enna unga appan veetu soththa,” asks Maara furiously. The idea is to make the skies accessible, for anyone who dreams to fly

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GV Prakash Kumar, the quintessential boy-next-door

From a music director-turned-actor to an actor-composer, GV Prakash’s rise as a hero is noteworthy. After Bala’s Naachiyaar and Rajiv Menon’s Sarvam Thala Mayam, the actor is now stepping into newer, more ‘serious’ zones. The idea, he says, is to explore as much as possible and learn every day. For instance, the energy of his character in Kuppathu Raja is what excited him about the project. This directorial debut of choreographer Baba Bhaskar also sees him experiment with dancing. “We have shot the introduction number with a lot of effort. Baba Bhaskar is a very sensible director,” he says as we sit down to talk about his acting career, stepping back into the music world, and much more.

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