Jagadeesan Subbu: Don’t look at animals as just meat

Bakrid is Jagadeesan Subbu’s second film after Sigai, that got released on Zee5. They are starkly different films, not just in terms of the themes but also the shades Jagadeesan plays with. Sigai explores grayer shades while Bakrid is filled with a lot of colour. “I want my films to document something and be completely different from each other.” He laughs after noting that his next might channel his violence, but what is constant, he believes, is the honesty he approaches each story with. In this chat, he talks about how he came around to making Bakrid.

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Bakrid movie review: Vikranth shoulders a harmless film about animal love

There is a certain charm about simple stories, about uncomplicated emotions that are universal. Bakrid, apparently the ‘first Indian camel-based film’, functions on one such emotion: Humanity. Rathinam (Vikranth), a fledgling farmer in Tamil Nadu, accidentally comes into possession of a camel calf. Charmed by the animal, Rathinam decides to keep him as a pet. With time, Rathinam realises that his humble home, despite all the affection showered, might not be the best place for a camel. To ensure the animal lives in his natural setting, he sets out on an unusual road trip to Rajasthan.

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