Ms Representation: Women in action

There is something very cathartic about watching women kick some butt, quite literally, on screen. As women, we have been always told that we are the ‘weaker sex’. And that if it comes to a fight, any man could strong-arm us into defeat. This conditioning, for long, made me think of my body as a liability. It took me a long time to unlearn all of that. Thus, to watch women be badass on screen, sending men to the ground with consummate ease, is not just entertaining but also gratifying.

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Jackpot review: A fun Jyothika, Revathy in a not-so-fun film

For long, I have wondered if a film with a woman protagonist could be a proper commercial film. And by commercial here, I don’t mean ‘anything that is sold’. I am talking about the masala films, with all its tropes, in all its glory — men flying around, the glitzy songs, the larger-than-life action, and so on. Jackpot has Jyothika in her massiest avatar, launching men into the air, dancing uninhibitedly to outlandish songs with the lovely Revathy for company. And the duo is out to do some outrageous things, like searching for an ‘atchaya paathiram’ in 2019. One can say Jackpot is the closest answer I have got in recent times to my initial question. Continue reading “Jackpot review: A fun Jyothika, Revathy in a not-so-fun film”

Jyotika’s sense of humour surprised me: Kaatrin Mozhi director Radha Mohan

Ever since Radha Mohan was a child, cinema has been a source of fascination. “I have always been on stage. I used to sing, dance…” reminisces the Mozhi director, who reveals that he was a huge fan of MGR. When he was in college, he was sure that this was what he wanted to do. “Books laam paatha odane therinjuruchu,” laughs Radha Mohan, as he settles to talk about his latest release, Kaatrin Mozhi, that has him collaborating with Jyotika again, a decade after their 2007 hit film, Mozhi. Excerpts from a freewheeling chat: Continue reading “Jyotika’s sense of humour surprised me: Kaatrin Mozhi director Radha Mohan”

Magalir Mattum movie review: Go watch this Jyothika starrer and take your mom along too

Magalir Mattum’s title credits goes like this — Oorvasi, Bhanupriya and Saranya Ponvannan’s names come together first and then says ‘ivargaludan Jyothika’ (with them Jyothika). Couldn’t have been more apt as the film belongs to the older ladies. However, it is not a documentation of them getting together to complain about their lives. Magalir Mattum is genuinely about these women. It goes beyond the men in their life, the dreams that have been buried or the sacrifices they have had to make. The main strength of Magalir Mattum is the empathy it invokes. Whether it is Gomata (Oorvasi), Rani (Bhanupriya) or Subbu (Saranya), their lives are stories we get to see in our families. But what is fascinating is Bramma’s pick of situations. The familial predicaments of these women are interestingly at odds. If Gomata’s problem is a dead husband and a son in a different country, Subbu and Rani’s qualm is the existence of their husbands. (Subbu has an alcoholic husband and in Rani’s case an indifferent one.) Bramma’s writing will bring flashes of conversations with women of your own family and that is a major asset for the movie. Continue reading “Magalir Mattum movie review: Go watch this Jyothika starrer and take your mom along too”

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