I will never write stories for myself: Actor-director Sasikumar

Ten years back, Subramaniyapuram was all set to release. The film was helmed by a debutant director named M. Sasikumar with a set of some unknown, bearded faces. There was a struggle to get screens — all they got were noon shows and smaller screens. But once the film hit the theatres, there was no stopping them. It was one of the rare films that got a screen on Satyam cinemas a week after its release. “Initially we hadn’t gotten a screen at Satyam. But we had our 100th-day function here,” reminisces Sasikumar. After a roaring success, Subramaniyapuram made Sasikumar a name to watch out for. Continue reading “I will never write stories for myself: Actor-director Sasikumar”

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