Etharkum Thunindhavan movie review: Suriya shoulders a thoughtful commercial film

There is a viral video of Director Mari Selvaraj speaking about the film Papanasam, the Tamil remake of the Malayalam hit Drishyam. The film is about a girl who accidentally kills her harasser, after being blackmailed with a private video taken without her knowledge and consent. The father goes to extreme lengths to protect his daughter from the police and finally saves her. “Why does the father, at no place, tell her that she has nothing to be ashamed of? It’s the harasser who should be ashamed,” asks Mari. It is an important question, reflective of the cultural patriarchal ethos of our society. Finally, we seem to have an answer in Pandiraj-Suriya’s Etharkum Thunindhavan.

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Junga actor Sayyeshaa: I will only be part of films that are respectful

Actor Sayyeshaa is on a roll. After setting the screens on fire in her debut film, the pretty young actress is now part of two big projects: Junga with Vijay Sethupathi and an untitled film with Karthi. Also recently, the Vanamagan girl has signed a film with Arya in the lead that has been interestingly titled as Gajinikanth. Excerpts from an exclusive chat with the actor. Continue reading “Junga actor Sayyeshaa: I will only be part of films that are respectful”

Kadaikutty Singam movie review: A fairly entertaining drama

Kadaikutty Singam could easily be Karthi’s version of Durai Singam — the village backdrop, the holier than thou attitude, loud dialogues, the preachy discourses and the ‘mass’ larger than life image are all there. But the fabric these elements are woven into is different. While Singam flaunts the Khakhi, Guna Singam flaunts the slush from his fields. When Suriya, the star of the Singam franchise and also the producer of Kadaikutty Singam, makes a cameo and wishes his brother, it almost feels like an induction. Similar to Durai Singam, there is not much Guna Singam can do wrong. The commercial infusion sets the predictability bar high in Kadaikutty Singam but the nativity powers through, keeping the film engaging. Continue reading “Kadaikutty Singam movie review: A fairly entertaining drama”

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