Films should be adapted, not remade: U Turn director Pawan Kumar

Imagine remaking your film in two languages you don’t know. Well, Pawan Kumar did. He isn’t one to shy away from risks when exploring storytelling. An engineering graduate, he quit college to do theatre. He acted, wrote plays and created a successful brand for himself. And eight years later, he decided to quit theatre to pursue films. After three hits in Kannada, (including the much-acclaimed Lucia), he has now ventured into Tamil and Telugu with the remakes of his own U Turn. The Samantha-starrer has been basking in positive reviews, one of the very few cases where the remake is turning an equal number of heads as its predecessor. Continue reading “Films should be adapted, not remade: U Turn director Pawan Kumar”

U Turn (Tamil) Review: A fairly engaging thriller with forgivable flaws

Our revenge thrillers seem to enjoy taking the paranormal route these days. They also seem keen on centring around social issues, with a special focus on public apathy. Not that I particularly mind — such films give us an opportunity to question our seemingly normal road and social behaviour. If Mercury was about a trip that went wrong, U Turn gets its core from accidents that happen on a flyover. What I like about these ideas is that even though they demand a fair amount of imagination from the viewer, when made well, they push the viewer to introspect. In these stories, it’s important that they get the world of the story right. U Turn gets it right in parts, its surprises partly diminished by its flaws. Continue reading “U Turn (Tamil) Review: A fairly engaging thriller with forgivable flaws”

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