Devi 2 Movie Review: When familiarity doesn’t fail, almost

In recent times, Kollywood’s track record with sequels is… questionable. The trend peaked last year with around eight films hitting the screen, and several others being announced. This year has already seen the release of five films. These ventures, with a rare exception or two, have turned out to be disappointments. Either, the sequel is a reshuffled version of the original or they are ‘spiritual sequels’ — films that don’t have a tangible connection to the original, at least in terms of the story. With the latter, the name is used to merely cash in on the familiarity and popularity.  Devi 2, a sequel to the 2016 horror comedy, is one of the rare films that is a proper sequel, which also maintains the tone of the first part.

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Karthik Subbaraj-Prabhu Deva’s Mercury

Mercury is an intellectually stimulating film with carefully added layers that traverse through genres, something that is now a fixture with Karthik Subbaraj. Another creatively inclined lead role who ‘defeats his limitation’ — Karthik now has a definitive theme. Mercury is definitely an interesting visual/aural spectacle. It takes guts to make a film where everything isn’t spoon fed. There’s a lot of brain but not enough heart — that makes Mercury, a tad cold. Nevertheless, if you’re watching Mercury, then do so on the big screen. Some good visual/sonic filmmaking awaits.

AL Vijay: Diya is not an anti-abortion film

It has been less than a week since Diya (Kanam in Telugu) released and director AL Vijay is a busy and happy man. The Sai Pallavi starrer might have opened to mixed reviews but Vijay is content. “I am very happy majority of the people liked it. I have been getting only that,” he said. Known for his heart-tugging tales, Diya was no different from AL Vijay’s earlier films in terms of the emotional quotient. The film documents a tale of the ghost of an aborted foetus coming back for revenge. With a sensitive core, the film left the audience with several questions in mind. In a conversation with, AL Vijay answered all questions about Diya and his upcoming films as well. Continue reading “AL Vijay: Diya is not an anti-abortion film”

Generally, Indian filmmakers don’t explore much when it comes to sound: Mercury sound designer Kunal Rajan

For Kunal Rajan, it is a double treat as his 150th film is also a silent film. The sound designer of Karthik Subbaraj’s silent film Mercury terms the experience quite a challenge. “When Karthik approached me, it is not like I could check other films for references. The last silent film came thirty years ago (Kamal Haasan’s Pesum Padam), and that wasn’t a thriller. Even in Hollywood, the last silent film I remember watching is The Artist, again a completely different kind of film. It was challenging and scary but we did what we felt was right.” Continue reading “Generally, Indian filmmakers don’t explore much when it comes to sound: Mercury sound designer Kunal Rajan”

Being in a Karthik Subbaraj film with Prabhudheva is a dream come true for me: Mercury actor Sananth

A horror film, a stoner comedy, a web-series and now a silent film — it is an interesting list of projects that Sananth Reddy has in his repertoire. After debuting with the hit horror film Demonte Colony, Sananth backed it up with the stoner comedy Jil Jung Juk and then came Balaji Mohan’s viral web series As I am suffering from Kaadhal. Now the actor is part of Karthik Subbaraj’s silent film Mercury, which also stars Prabhudheva and Meyaadha Maan fame Indhuja. Quiz him about his eclectic pick of projects, Sanath admits that it is part choice and part destiny. “I want to get associated with films and directors who can bring something different out of me. I have been a bit choosy. Partly it is because I pick characters that are interesting and will stand out with the audience,” he said. “The directors who I got the opportunity to work with have also given me characters that bring out the best out of me,” he added. Continue reading “Being in a Karthik Subbaraj film with Prabhudheva is a dream come true for me: Mercury actor Sananth”

Gulaebaghavali movie review: This Hansika Motwani-Prabhudheva starrer is inconsistent

Gulaebaghavali is encompassing when it comes to reactions — not the reaction of characters on screen, our reactions. It generates an entire gamut of moments. There are the genuine laugh-worthy moments, absolute cringe-worthy ones, moments where you laugh and judge yourself a second later and moments where you judge other people for laughing. The best metaphor to describe Gulaebaghavali is an ECG — amid the drops and flatlines, there are few highs as well. Continue reading “Gulaebaghavali movie review: This Hansika Motwani-Prabhudheva starrer is inconsistent”

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