Jyotika’s sense of humour surprised me: Kaatrin Mozhi director Radha Mohan

Ever since Radha Mohan was a child, cinema has been a source of fascination. “I have always been on stage. I used to sing, dance…” reminisces the Mozhi director, who reveals that he was a huge fan of MGR. When he was in college, he was sure that this was what he wanted to do. “Books laam paatha odane therinjuruchu,” laughs Radha Mohan, as he settles to talk about his latest release, Kaatrin Mozhi, that has him collaborating with Jyotika again, a decade after their 2007 hit film, Mozhi. Excerpts from a freewheeling chat: Continue reading “Jyotika’s sense of humour surprised me: Kaatrin Mozhi director Radha Mohan”

Vikram Prabhu-Radhamohan’s 60 Vayadhu Maaniram

If you had watched #GodhiBannaSadharnaMykattu, it would be tough to sit through #60VayadhuMaaniram, the Tamil remake starring #VikramPrabhu, #Indhuja and #PrakashRaj.

One of the major reasons why I had loved the Kannada original (starring #RakshitShetty and #SruthiHariharan) was its practicality and subtlety. We don’t spell a lot of things out loud in our families. If I go hug my mom, she feels awkward. We don’t express several things, that doesn’t however mean a lack of emotions. And in case of #Godhi, this non-engagement leads to apathy. His father becomes something that has to be taken care of, a box to be ticked on a checklist. Rakshit Shetty’s portrayal of a son’s journey to find his father (in all ways) is truly a revelation. From the initial standoffish stance to being guilt-stricken, his emotions unfold organically.

What I couldn’t tolerate was #Radhamohan’s ‘over-simplication’ of this process. His dialogues and Ilayaraja’s music constantly instruct us what to feel and ends up as an overreach. Also, Vikram Prabhu is no match for Rakshit Shetty. And as much as I love Indhuja, Sruthi’s performance was more layered, more nuanced.

To take an example, the beautiful childhood drawing Rakshit and his father creates is naturally chaotic, with no drawn boundaries. On the other hand, in Vikram Prabhu’s case, it’s nearly packaged into a box, highlighted with a lighter background. I think this shows enough of the different approaches taken by these directors to the same story.

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