Agni Devi Review: A confused mess

How often do you watch a film a day after the lead actor files a complaint against the director, claiming that he only shot for five days? Or find that the same actor has filed a petition asking for a stay order on ‘his’ film? The director, in defense, argues that it was the actor who didn’t cooperate and walked out after finishing most of the movie. “Irukaradhu vechu mudichom,” were the words he used — and that shows on screen, disturbingly so.

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Sathya movie review: This Sibiraj starrer is a gripping tale

It is the classic case of remake-citis. Every remake is bound to be accompanied by side-effects, a round of comparisons. This week seems to be the remake week as the Tamil versions of two major hits from other languages, Kshanam (Telugu) and Ulidavaru Kandante (Richie) are hitting the screens. The biggest advantage I had in watching Sibiraj’s Sathya, the remake of Kshanam, was that I was new to the film. However, after saying that, Sathya is a gripping tale that doesn’t compromise on the narrative keeping you invested till the end. Accompanied by some great music and apt performances, Sathya is a good comeback vehicle for Sibiraj after the tepid Kattapava Kanom. Continue reading “Sathya movie review: This Sibiraj starrer is a gripping tale”

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