I never thought I could be a hero: Vishnu Vishal

Vishnu Vishal terms Ratsasan as one of the best in his filmography. “The audience will definitely walk out saying that it is a good film,” he assures. Vishnu has teamed with Ram Kumar again, after Mundasupatti, in what can be termed as his comeback to the content-oriented cinema that he is generally known for.

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Ratsasan Review: Technically admirable but emotionally distant

If I had to pick two fascinating things about Ratsasan, it had to be the film’s editing and the sound design. Ratsasan’s nifty cuts and sound cement the ‘effect first, cause later’ strategy that the cameras and screenplay adopt. One might say that this is the usual modus operandi for a thriller. Well, it isn’t just about the turns that the story takes but also about how they are revealed. In one particular sequence, a suspect holds a police officer at gunpoint in an attempt to escape. As he backs into a lift, we hear a shot and the lift opens to reveal both men on the ground. The suspense lingers a second longer before we get our answer. And Ramkumar’s answers are effectively simple for the part. Take a chase sequence where Kaali Venkat, a cop, is in close pursuit of the killer; the former is on a bike while the latter is in a van. How does one lose the trailing cop? Ramkumar comes up with another ingenious solution – stop the van abruptly. Continue reading “Ratsasan Review: Technically admirable but emotionally distant”

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