Anantham review: Imperfect but heartfelt stories about acceptance

‘If only these walls could talk’

It’s a common phrase, often used to speak of unknown stories. In Priya V’s series Anantham, they do. Well, not literally, but in spirit. Anantham is about the eponymously named house, and the various people and their families who have inhabited it over five decades. It’s a bouquet of stories — a mosaic of emotions. There’s a bit of everything — grief, loss, love, romance, fear, discovery, anger, etc. For some, the house heaps fortunes. And for others, disasters. Its inhabitants are mostly people who society raises their eyebrows at — blind people, unemployed debtors, three single women living together, a gay couple… But the cornerstone of Anantham is acceptance.

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Ghajinikanth movie review: This Arya starrer is yet another string of cliches and outdated tropes

Ghajinikanth’s director Santhosh P Jayakumar has two films in his filmography – Hara Hara Mahadevaki and Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu. The two films have a lot in common – adult content, double meaning jokes and an A rating. With Ghajinikanth, it is clear that Santhosh is trying to subvert his image as an ‘A’ filmmaker — there is a small gimmick with the end credit card, in case we were in doubt about his image re positioning. Well, you could say he has accomplished his objective. There’s not much adult humour, at least in comparison to his previous outings. (Except for one objectifying ‘joke’ about a maid that I am too tired to outrage about. Hannah Gadsby gets its right. I identify with tired these days a lot.) But, there is nothing new about the film as well. There are several ways to keep the viewer engaged – it could be through the story, it’s characters, the writing or the filmmaking. Sadly, Ghajinikanth doesn’t tick any of the boxes. Continue reading “Ghajinikanth movie review: This Arya starrer is yet another string of cliches and outdated tropes”

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