Ms Representation: A journey through time to denigrate women

A clip from Santhanam’s latest Zee5 release Dikkiloona made waves on social media (no, it’s not Anagha dancing to Per Vechalum). In this trending clip, Mani (Santhanam) criticises a woman for wearing a little black dress. “Freedom is not living as per your wishes but living in a manner that’s acceptable to society,” says Mani, who probably graduated in freedom at the Whatsapp University. The clincher comes next. He says, “Konjam izhutha avundhrum, idhu suthanthiram”. The first question is, why should someone tug on her dress? Let’s bypass that for a moment though. Mani is wearing a veshti in the said scene. Is he saying his ‘virtuous’ veshti would not come off were someone to tug at it?

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A1 Movie Review: Humour bails this film out

One of the teasers for A1 begins with a very familiar qualifier, “Ulaga cinema varalatril mudhan muraiyaga, muttrilum marubatta,” only to intercut and say “avlo build up lam venam.” Expectation is a funny thing, and when the promo material prepares you well for a film, you walk out largely unaffected. A1’s teasers proclaimed that humour (more on that later) is the only thing that you should look for from it. If you want logic, nuance or anything else — after all it’s a film and not a joke book — that’s your fault. Come on, what were you expecting?

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Sakka Podu Podu Raja is a 200% commercial entertainer: Santhanam

Actor Santhanam’s rise to stardom is one for the books. Starting out as a comedian on Television, the actor gained incredible fame for his witty puns and one-liners before he was catapulted to the big screen by actor Simbu aka STR. Completing a circle, the actor’s latest film Sakka Podu Podu Raja introduces Simbu as a music director. “I am really happy that my film is Simbu’s first film as a composer. No matter how many films he does, it is a matter of pride for me that mine was the first,” said the actor. Continue reading “Sakka Podu Podu Raja is a 200% commercial entertainer: Santhanam”

Sakka Podu Podu Raja movie review: Santhanam offers a string of tired cliches

I am still trying to figure why Santhanam made this movie. During the entire duration of the movie, I was hoping for someone to pop up and scream ‘Surprise you are watching a spoof movie’; I was reminded of Tamizh Padam multiple times. You might ask me how that makes any sense, but that is probably the only way Sakka Podu Podu Raja could be salvaged. Nothing else makes sense anyway. Continue reading “Sakka Podu Podu Raja movie review: Santhanam offers a string of tired cliches”

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