Savarakathi movie review: Ram, Mysskin starrer is oddly fulfilling

You can probably say the theme in Savarakathi (Barber’s knife) is transformation. A mother who is averse to love marriages ends up holding the immobile feet of her daughter’s physically-challenged beau. The transformation of the very-pregnant Subathra (Poorna) into a mother. Pichai (Ram), a barber who lies through his teeth, decides to turn over an honest leaf. He gets this epiphany in a tea shop interestingly named ‘Poiyya mozhi’. This is followed by a shot of woman sweeping the street and Pichai is next at a cycle shop that again has an interesting name — parisutham (cleanliness). The metaphor here is obvious — Pichai has his character failing literally swept out. Even the blade Manga (Mysskin) carries around gets a new identity. And the title is perfect for this theme considering the barber’s knife gives us one of the more mundane and regular transformations in life. Continue reading “Savarakathi movie review: Ram, Mysskin starrer is oddly fulfilling”

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