The silver linings of 2018

Here comes the end of the year and several of us are busy drawing up lists that enumerate the ‘best’ of the years. It is easy, of course, to celebrate the best and criticise the worst. However, what about all the good ideas that got buried under layers of mediocrity? Ideas and characters that deserved more nuanced and engaging narratives to house their sui generis existences? Continue reading “The silver linings of 2018”

Happy birthday Vikram: A star with an unwavering spirit and determination

If there is a story that deserves an on-screen adaptation, it must be Kenny’s journey to becoming Chiyaan Vikram. It is not new information that Vikram’s biggest break Sethu happened a solid ten years after he entered the industry or that he suffered a serious accident that could have nearly cost him his leg, well before he stepped into tinsel town. But his biopic would be not about these incidents but rather about how he handled them. The movie would showcase his indomitable spirit, impregnable optimism and of course, the insane sacrifices he makes for his characters. Continue reading “Happy birthday Vikram: A star with an unwavering spirit and determination”

Sketch movie review: Just one question, why Vikram why?

About five minutes into Sketch, you get Vikram’s intro and the song “Atchi Butchi”. As the song was playing, I looked around the theater twice just to ensure that I hadn’t travelled back in time and was watching Gemini. The song feels dangerously close to “O Podu” — a grungy looking Vikram dancing in the streets with a supposedly cool hand gesture. If ‘oh podu’ was finding a view using both hands, the Sketch symbol is comparatively easier. You just need one hand and is an incredibly convenient way to focus on something. But I couldn’t find one engaging element in the chaos that is Sketch, even after using the focus the hand gesture gives. Continue reading “Sketch movie review: Just one question, why Vikram why?”

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