Penning politics: The Yugabharathi interview

Lyricist Yugabharathi was a published writer when director Linguswamy asked him to write a song (Pallankuzhiyin Vattam Parthen, which went on to become a super hit) in Anandham. With more than 1,300 songs in his repertoire since, Yugabharathi’s journey has been adorned by a garland of songs across genres including romance, dance, and politics, the category much cherished by him. In conversation about his most recent hit, Gypsy’s Very Very Bad (which has crossed 1.4 million views), he opens up about this song which sharply critiques authoritarianism. Continue reading “Penning politics: The Yugabharathi interview”

Na Muthukumar wanted me to occupy his space: Karthik Netha

Karthik Netha realised that he wanted to be a lyricist when he was in Class 10. Kanne Kalaimane from Moondram Pirai, he says, used to keep haunting him. “Songs were a constant companion through my happiness and sorrow. They made me feel like someone was listening to my own thoughts. They were my thani perum thunai,” says the lyricist, who is currently receiving praise from all quarters for his work in 96. Continue reading “Na Muthukumar wanted me to occupy his space: Karthik Netha”

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