Mohanlal’s Odiyan is a film to be proud of: Sam CS

Sam CS’s first solo film album Puriyatha Puthir has a haunting melody “Mazhaikulle” that would instantly strike you as dark even though it is a love song. A story about voyeurism, the song succinctly conveys the dark tones of Puriyatha Puthir and is a personal favourite. “The female vocal parts are very hesitant when the male vocals are more confident. This is because the girl knows she is the reason behind the hero’s woes,” explained Sam. While Puriyatha Puthir might have been his first film, it was his other film with Vijay Sethupathi, Pushkar-Gayathri’s Vikram Vedha that made Sam, one of the hottest young music composers in the industry. With around seven films in his kitty, Sam CS talks about his process, his love for background scores and the drive to be unique. Continue reading “Mohanlal’s Odiyan is a film to be proud of: Sam CS”

I don’t think any series has a finale as dynamic as Breathe: R Madhavan

“Smile ah, adhu oru mile ku pogume” – Actor Vivek’s dialogue from Dum Dum Dum flashed across my mind as R Madhavan greeted me with a brisk and warm handshake with a flash of that famous impish smile. While women (and apparently men too) across the country are still going gaga over his smile, it is impossible to notice the affability when he calls himself an ‘unconventional looking hero.’ After a blockbuster Vikram Vedha, Madhavan is now stepping into the digital arena with his first web series, Breathe. With a successful career spanning more than fifteen years, the actor’s choice might raise a few eyebrows. But Madhavan says he has always known that digital content is the way ahead. “I have been doing the research for quite some time. I didn’t forecast brands like Amazon and Netflix to step in, but I realised that there will be an explosion with digital content around 5 years back,” he recalls. Continue reading “I don’t think any series has a finale as dynamic as Breathe: R Madhavan”

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