Hit Them Right

Godrej’s Kala Hit is back with a lemony vengeance

Godrej Hit SEWhenever it rains, uninvited guests sneak into our homes. With their persistent buzz, these mosquitoes catch our attention seamlessly; and make us execute complex acrobatic manoeuvres. But not anymore, states the latest Godrej Kala Hit campaign, tagging its new lime fragrant version to be the ‘most convenient way to kill mosquitoes.’

The idea for the campaign came from the Twitterati who had tweeted quirky, funny ways to kill mosquitoes post monsoon showers says Ajay Dang who heads marketing at Godrej Consumer Products. “Many twitterati started conversations around how annoyed they were about mosquitoes and to what extent are they ready to go to kill mosquitoes. We wanted to leverage the topic and reach out through an interactive digital campaign called ‘101 ways of killing mosquitoes’,” he says.

As an extension, the campaign was designed to celebrate content from consumers says Sumanta Ganguly, EVP, LinTeractive. “The first three films were produced based on user submissions. We have received more than 2,000 entries through Twitter and our microsite. More content based on user submissions will be created, subsequently taking the tally to 101,” he explains.

Ganguly adds that not all such content will be the same. “Some of them will be films. There will be graphics. We are also planning on using films produced by users after branding it appropriately,” he reveals. While promotions are currently done only in Hindi, regional edits of the same will be rolled out shortly.

This was originally published on http://www.outlookbusiness.com/.

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